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Wiesner team images tiny quasicrystals as they form

Cancer killers: C dots show ability to induce cell death in tumors

First self-assembled superconductor structure created (Cornell Chronicle)

The superconductor of the future may be this self-assembling plastic (Popular Mechanics)

Art series highlights creative discovery in 'A Needle Woman'

Cornell dots research collaboration leads to $10M cancer center

Polymer Mold Makes Perfect Silicon Nanostructures

Undergraduate Carlie Mendoza featured in Cornell Daily Sun

Researchers report better solar cells through chemistry

Chemical and Engineering News: Tiny Particles Tested In Humans

Collaborative art project featured in DesignBoom

Art and Nanotechnology Converge in Campus Biennial

Video: Uli talks about Single-Crystal Homo- and Heteroepitaxial Nanostructures

Mesoporous Carbons for More Kick

See spots glow: Camera system aids cancer clinical trial

Dr. Rachel Dorin with her TeraPore Technologies earned second place in Cornell Venture Challenge

Nanoparticle networks' design enhanced by theory.

Dr. Hiroaki Sai is featured as one of the three extraordinary Cornell Portrait People.

Prof. Ulrich Wiesner creates the world's smallest delivery particles

Group News

Fall 2017

Naedum received a Cornell McNair Scholarship.

Congratulations Naedum!


Spring 2017

Peter received a DoE SCGSR award to work at the National Renewable Energy Lab for six months.

Congratulations Peter!


Spring 2016

Paxton received a NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.

Congratulations Paxton!

Mun and Qi passed their A exams.

Congratulations Mun and Qi!


Fall 2015

Ethan and Kasia passed their A exams.

Congratulations Ethan and Kasia!


Spring 2015

Peter and Sarah passed their A exams.

Congratulations Peter and Sarah!


Fall 2014

Kwan got the Materials Research Society (MRS) silver graduate student award.

Congratulations Kwan!


Summer 2014

Yao, Kwan, C, and Uli attended the Ph.D hooding ceremony.

Yibei Gu got the European Materials Research Society (EMRS) graduate student award.

Congratulations Yibei!


Spring 2014

Joerg Werner was chosen to receive the Howard Neal Wachter Memorial Prize by a faculty awards committee from a group of top students who were nominated on the basis of their outstanding academic and research performances.

Congratulations Joerg!

Peter Beaucage recieved an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.

Kasia Oleske and Teresa Kao received NSF Honorable Mentions.

Congratulations Peter, Kasia, and Teresa!


Fall 2013

The group went to the Cornell Outdoor Education Ropes Courses.

Summer 2013

Xian passed his B exam.

Teresa passed her Q exam.

Srikant passed his B exam.


Spring 2013

Happy Birthday to Uli's 50th Birthday!

Rachel passed her B exam.

Yao, Kai, Spencer, Yibei and Joerg passed their A exams.