Cornell Dots

the first polymer-inorganic hybrid nanoparticles approved for human clinical trials

First Self-Assembled



A Needle Woman

block copolymer-coated 40-foot sculpture with Kimsooja

Self-Assembled Ultrafiltration Membranes

revolutionary performance from block copolymers

First Quasicrystalline Nanoparticles

First Reported 3D Battery

revolutionary architecture with nanoscale

interpenetrating components



revealed by single-particle 3D reconstruction of cryo-electron microscopy images using a machine learning algorithm

Our Group in the News:

Amorphous Quantum Nanomaterials

Silica cages featured in Nature video

Collaboration yields discovery of 12-sided silica cages

Self-assembling 3D battery would charge in seconds

Wiesner team images tiny quasicrystals as they form


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